The Institute of Systems Biology (INBIOSIS) is a reference and training centre for biotechnology research that takes a systems perspective – that is, to seeks holistic understanding of biological complexity.  The institute has been designed to provide a dynamic environment and infrastructure where teams of researchers, drawn from industry and from academia, can pool their collective expertise to pursue challenging multidisciplinary basic research on tropical biology resources.

INBIOSIS-1_000INBIOSIS is a research institute designed to facilitate the collaborative and interdisciplinary research that is increasingly essential for the synthesis and advancement of biological research with a “big picture” in mind. That is, while the research projects may focus on very specific parts of a biological system, the explicit goal and framework of the research is to build an understanding of the emergent properties of the larger system.  INBIOSIS serves the essential functions of creating a meeting space for researchers from various contributing faculties and research organisations, facilitating the design of interdisciplinary collaborative research projects, and supporting the implementation of those projects. 

In seeking ways of using new knowledge of biological systems for biotechnology applications, the institute initiates and encourages smart partnerships with the biotechnology industries.  The institute aims to play an important role in the field of biotechnology through generating intellectual property.

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