Centre for Bioinformatics Research (CBR)

Centre for Bioinformatics Research (CBR) is established in accordance with the establishment of INBIOSIS to foster cross-disciplinary interactions to perform advanced research in bioinformatics towards unraveling biological processes and networks leading to new knowledge discoveries.

CBR is well-equipped with hardware and software for protein structure modeling, biological pathway modeling, system development and database construction. Various workshops and seminars are organized to promote the application of bioinformatics in biotechnology research.

5 pillars bioinfoMISSION

  • To provide the interdisciplinary environment and training for local scientific community to engage in leading and cutting edge research in bioinformatics
  • To promote bioinformatics in Malaysia through workshops, conferences and events, and through academic and professional societies


Development and application of computational methods in large-scale data analysis to improve the understanding of biological systems. This figure illustrates how our work is executed into four integrated areas:

  • Development of specific biological databases to provide a systematic and organized data repository for easy access and analysis
  • Development of analysis pipeline/tools such as an automated pipeline for transcriptomic data analysis (NGSFrontier) composed sets of analytical procedures that automatically verify, clean and analyse transcriptomic data. We also developed an automated pipeline for functional analysis of hypothetical proteins (aka HPAS)
  • Large-scale data analysis where we apply computational techniques to solve specific biological problems. This effort is conducted through collaboration with the molecular biologists

bioinfo diagram