Research Collaboration

The institute encourages collaboration among its own researchers as well as collaboration with researchers from other research institutions, both nationally and internationally. This collaboration requires not only discussions leading to formulation of shared research problems and mutual consultation on possible approaches, but also the establishment of standards that will allow data to be shared across laboratories. The establishment of INBIOSIS comes at a point early in the development of the new field of systems biology, which will allow the institute to be part of the development of those standards.

Researchers at INBIOSIS will collaborate extensively with researchers at the  Malaysia Genome Institute (GENOMalaysia).  MGI is a national organization dedicated to promoting industrial biotechnology through basic research on genomes.

In addition, INBIOSIS has already established collaborative links with Rome-based Bioversity International [formerly International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI)] and is actively pursuing closer collaboration with such research organizations and institutions as: