Centre for Plant Biotechnology (CPB)


CPB utilizes new perspective in biotechnology to enhance the value of life through food quality and the discovery of new plant secondary metabolites in place of synthetic drugs. The center offers a platform for the exploration of tropical biodiversity and improvement of crop species through transgenic technology.

At CPB, we offer facilities such as laminar air-flow, plant growth chamber, plant growth room (clean room), glass house, experimental plot, gene gun, -80°C and -20°C freezers and other relevant equipments.

The center receives recognition from local and international bodies through several research collaborations. With its advancement in technology and experties, CPB is looking beyond the horizon to be a renowned research center in the future.

growth-chamberplot-daun-kesumrumah kacaCPB was established in 1986 as Plant Biotechnology Laboratory under the Faculty of Life Sciences and later the Faculty of Science and Technology. With the establishment of INBIOSIS in 2005, it was upgraded to being one of the centers of excellence at INBIOSIS. This research center focuses on plant inter-disciplinary research which comprises plant genomics, transcriptomics, functional studies, tissue culture and cryopreservation. As a center of excellence, CPB boasts its gene modification expert and its facilities for transgenic technology, an optimized tissue culture environment and laboratories for molecular biology studies.